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  1. I have 6 Alky Converted R6 carbs , That have been Ultrasonic Cleaned and Rebuilt. Seros with Billet Stacks $625 (1 set ) Seros with Stock Stacks $525 ( 3 Sets) Hollingsworth $450 ( 2 Sets ) R6 Sportsman (Gas) $325 Honda F4 & F3 Turf Tire (Gas) $330 R6 Carbs off the bike and Ready to Convert $300 Air Boxes for all of the above carbs $225 Call or Text Duane 4056406862
  2. 2013 -16 Kawasaki ECU $160 2013 -2016 Complete uncut Harness with ECU $250 Call or Text Duane 4056406862
  3. Stock Ready to Convert R6 Carbs, 100% Complete and guaranteed. $325 Shipped to you or your carb converter Call or Text Duane 4056406862
  4. R6 Carbs

    I have 3 sets of Alky Converted carbs in stock and Stock sets ready to convert to alky. I have New and Used Air box's, Carb adapters and boots, Carb return springs, Billet Slide Breathers, after market Idle screws and any part you would need for Yamaha R6 , Honda F4, F3, F2 and Yamaha YZF carbs Call or Text Duane 4056406862
  5. R6 Carbs needed

    Sent you a text
  6. Yamaha R6 03-05 modified Oil Pan, with Water pump and Modified Thermostat housing for sale $175 Call or Text Duane 4056406862
  7. Aerodynamics Wheel and Center 10x12 (6" halfs) with ASCS2 tire Included are Hoosier 69x10x10 RD12 (Used) Hoosier 62x10x10 RD 12 (Used) All for $250 Call or Text Duane 4056406862
  8. 99-00 F4 carbs setup for Gas/Turf Tire Class. New O-Rings/Billet Side Breathers/New Float Needles. Ready to Race $275 Call or Text Duane 405-640-6862
  9. ISO R6 Carb Parts

    Call or Text me I should have what you are looking for Duane 4056406862
  10. 99-02 Yamaha R6 STOCK carbs ready to convert $325, 100% complete and guarantied. Albers, MoMo and Odum Alky Converted Carbs, Ultrasonic Cleaned, Floats set, New Float needles and O-Rings $475 New Billet R6 and F4 Air with KN filters $200 Carb adapters, Boots and Clamps for Yamaha R6, Honda RR and Suzuki GXSR $200 Call or Text Duane 4056406862
  11. Need a wrap designed for micro

    My son Jake Keel can help you out. Our Facebook page is Design Salon. Call or text him 4056235377