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  1. large Hans

    call or text 405-255-1501
  2. large Hans

    large Hans $300
  3. 07 factor 1

  4. 07 factor 1

    new price $3600 for car no seat $3950 with full containment seat
  5. 07 factor 1

    07 factor 1 w/ black and silver r6 Odum alky carbs panhard setup, coil front beadlocks fuel safe bladder full containment seat 17 in top and nose wings ARS and afco shocks RR eye adjustable spares b/s r6 refreshed from bike & never raced stock r6 carbs complete cut down wiring harness w/ 1500 over ecu headers and ftz muffler 4-5 LR tires 61-63x8 2 RR 2 American racer fronts LR Keizer wheel w/center brand new never on track RF and RR on nice Keizer wheels drum of methanol w/ pump front axle $6500 also have 17 ft enclosed trailer and some other parts (wheel halves, rear axle parts, sprockets, rods, bead breaker, wheel centers) $7400 for everything we have call or text 405-255-1501
  6. (918) 841-1254 mike sawyer. he had some f4's not too long ago and said he could get more
  7. Wheels and Tires

    price on 63 LR
  8. parts for sale

    03-05 r6 slider motor mounts $40 used Holley red fuel pump $30 ARS Shock adjuster cable 4ft $20 4 Keizer mud covers $40 call or text 405-255-1501
  9. need 2 kits for twin tube call or text 405-255-1501
  10. ISO Factor 1 parts

    yeah that was the plan at one time. $$ disappeared.....still haven't found it. throw a f4 in there and bring it out
  11. ISO f4-f4i motor

    need f4 or f4i motor and wiring w/ecu call or text 405-255-1501
  12. ISO Factor 1 parts

    I need a 10* spindle and a RR birdcage (angled) call or text 405-255-1501
  13. need parts

    -torsion stops -angled RR birdcage housing mx 5 -spindles, kingpins, & bushings mx5 factor 1 -mx 5 front axle -f4 I motor -125-135 spring 10 inch -140-150 spring 10 inch call or text 405-255-1501
  14. Misc. Parts

    what would you take for the front axles
  15. no

    Would you be interested in selling as a roller?