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  1. 2015 Sawyer 626

    2015 Sawyer 626 built in July of 2015. 6 races since new. Leading Edge carbon body, Antigravity battery, mychron 3 gold, Infinity shocks, Weld wheels, Dean Franklin updates, Outlaw Wings, Paul Albers wiring, all aluminum anodized black. Can be sold as a roller for $11,000, race ready with metric cycles suzuki aclass motor and carbs for $14,500, or race ready with metric cycles 2 mil suzuki and Engler electronic injection for 17,500. Tons of spares also available: complete frontend assembly, complete rearend assembly, radius rods, wish bones, torsion arms, stops, wheels, shocks, wings, etc. Email bspringer51@gmail.com or text/call 405-473-7406
  2. Im looking for a good used moveable stack(all black yamaha) Guhl injection system. Let me know what you have 405-473-7406
  3. I have my 2012 Sawyer 626 for sale as a roller minus seat and electronics. Car has approx 25 shows since new. Never been hurt or bent in any way. Dean Franklin updated it last summer(so now its just like Flud's). Good car, just want to try something different. THE CAR - Leading Edge Carbon Fiber Body - Weld Wheels -3 Spoke Weld front hubs - your choice Infinity or ARS shocks - your choice of 10sq or 14sq wings by Outlaw Wings - tail tank was new at the beginning of last season and never painted - left front brake - cockpit adjustable shocks and panhard setup -rear axle has one race on it since new - your choice of suzuki or yamaha motor mounts SPARES (only available after the car sells or with the car!!!!!!) - full set of rear sprockets 47-52 - complete set of torsion bars and stops - 2 complete sets of radius rods - left and right wishbones - complete front axle assembly with brake - bare front axle - complete rear axle assembly with brake (axle and spacers are brand new) - spare body - 10sq and 14sq top wings as well as aclass and outlaw nosewings - complete set of nerfs and bumpers - fiberglass and aluminum body -spare set of birdcages -wing trees and nosewing mounts - 03-05 yamaha motor mounts - 07 and up yamaha motor mounts - 2 styles of suzuki gsxr mounts - spare radiator and tray and I'm sure there is much more im forgetting..... Text/call for more info 405-473-7406