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  1. For sale aluminum trailer

    Added more pictures.
  2. For sale aluminum trailer

    I am asking $4000, but I am of course open to offers.
  3. -----SOLD---- I am selling my custom bullt (for me) all aluminum trailer. New in early 2013. Weighs right at 1700 pounds fully loaded with racer, full fuel jug, tool box, compressor, generator, floor jack, jack stands, spare axles, Axle wrench, bead breaker, small parts and more, all inside the box. Generator and compressor can be run without unloading them. Beautifully built by Predator trailers in Papillion Nebraska. Lynn Grabill 816-273-6929
  4. Selling my micro sprint stuff

    Sent you an email this morning. Lynn
  5. Selling my micro sprint stuff

    Still for sale.
  6. Selling my micro sprint stuff

    Forgot to state that there is also an FTZ oil cooler on the car. Still for sale. Interested? Call the listed phones.
  7. 6/15/15 Selling my Micro Sprint race stuff consisting of an '08 PMP (I’m the second owner), A brand new 1 race old standard bore and stroke FTZ built open Yamaha R6, with all his mods, plus Carillo rods. FTZ Carbs with his hi velocity stacks, and Clifford bowls and inlets, and FTZ coated exhaust. Spares consisting of wheels and tires, torsion bars, fuel pump, nerfs and bumpers, winged and non wing bare front axles, and more. And an aluminum open trailer custom built for me. Call me for for more details and pricing. Lynn Grabill Grabill Racing 816-273-6929 or 816-324-5075
  8. Heavy duty case saver for sale. Fits '99-'02 Yamaha R6. $25, and $6 shipping. 816-273-6929
  9. ACR Spring Fling winged Micro results

    Now for the non wing class. 20 checked in to battle it out in the outlaw non wing class In the 2015 Spring Fling. Out of the 20 competitors 14 of them ran both classes. So there were some busy pit crews all night and for good reason another $750 was up for grabs. 18 cars would make the call for the feature with Drew Shiveley on the pole in the 05 hotrod. Drew would jump out to a comfortable lead early and the field would give chase. Drew would keep that comfortable lead until the closing laps. Chris Kock was on the move and possibly the fastest car on the track in the last few laps. Fans would see the gap getting smaller and smaller with each closing lap. However; time would run out on Chirs and he would finish a very respectable 2nd and Drew would come home first and pick up the prize money. Matt Howard with a great run fishished 3rd, Quinten Benson would recover from an early heat race crash to finish 4th and rounding out the top 5 Colin Smith. Other finishers are as follows: 6th-Brian Lunsford, 7th-Chase Porter, 8th-Tucker Klassmeyer, 9th-Hunter Lee, 10th-Jonathan Hughes, 11th-Devan Matthews, 12th-Shane Hunter, 13th-Rudy Reyes, 14th-Bailey Berthelson, 15th-Jimmy Dowell, 16th- Charlie Crawford, 17th-Spencer Martinez, 18th-Kyran Keith. Kelby Watt and David Hartman would not start the feature. It was great to see all the micros respond to this years spring fling. Many new competitors got to compete for the first time this years and we expect even more to come in future micros races. Stay tuned for a potential fall race!!!!!!!
  10. From Atchison County Raceway: The Spring Fling went off without a hitch other than it was turned into a one day show rather than two days due to weather. A total of 64 cars checked it to do battle in the "CAGE" in four classes and from five different states. In the Wing class fans were entreated to some great racing with Jake Galusha leading the way trying to pick up where he left off in last years fall brawl. In last years fall brawl Jake would blow up in the hot laps only to return and win the feature. The only thing he was able to repeat in this years spring fling was the blowing up part. In a heartbreaker he would lead all laps up to the last couple were his engine expired and gave Willie Urish the lead and win as Willie was right behind him the whole race. Willie; no stranger to victory lane at ACR, would lead the remaining laps and get the victory and the $750 prize money. Tucker klassmeyer, Chris Koch, Matt Howard, and Tyler Nelson had great battles to round out the top 5. Other finishers are as follows: 6th- Miles Paulus, 7th-Nick Schaefer, 8th- Corey Forsyth, 9th-Colin Smith, 10th- Brian Lunsford, 11th-Eric Bridger, 12th-Travis Rewerts, 13th-Chase Porter, 14th- Mike Boston, 15th- Jake Galusha, 16th-Jayce Jenkins, 17th-Jimmy Dowell, 18th-Tyler Key, 19th-Devan Matthews, 20th-Rob Kubli, 21st- Brendon Clark, 22nd-Terry Hinck, 23rd-Skylar Hunter, 24th- Jonathan Hughes. If you haven't made it to see Micro racing in the "Cage" you are missing out on great racing. If you haven't made it to race your Micro at ACR then you really need to make it out for our Fall race. Details, dates, and formats for the fall race are yet to be announced. Stay tuned for that and of course for more details of this last weekends Spring Fling!!!!!!!!!!