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  1. Complete Micro Sellout

    both R6's on carbs or injection?
  2. 2017 D1

    car still available? pictures?
  3. I have two 410 Maxim sprint cars for sale or trade 2013 chassis with 410 Mopar zero laps & 2011 chassis , 410 GB2300 headed Brodix blocked Chevy all top shelf equipment, Would consider a trade possibly for a late 2015/2016 D1/ Suzuki combo Micro, or a Hyper 2014-2016 car would be considered also. Needs to be also top shelf equipment the more you have the better I will like it. I still have tons of spare parts for the cars have sold some of it but you can get most of it here. You will most likely need to bring some cash to the table with you, no way possible it could be an even trade deal. Unless of course you have lots of spares and really great stuff Please no tire kicking send me pics wasting my time, call me at 217-251-4400 to get further information. This is a really rare opportunity to get into Sprint car racing, if you have what I want then your 1/2 way there! Cars are prepared almost identical , 2011 car was a former Sammy Swindell car verified with Maxim. Car was bought in 2014 and taken to Maxim and brought up to same specs and options as the 2013 car we had built new.