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  1. Chili Bowl Tickets For Sale

    Thursday is gone Only Wed left Thanks Dave
  2. Chili Bowl Tickets For Sale

    Still have all 4 for Wed night Thursday Night I have 2 available Thanks Dave
  3. Chili Bowl Tickets For Sale

    Friday Night tix are gone Wed and Thur still available
  4. I have 4 seats in the DD section for Wed, Thur, and Fri Nights Seats have an excellent vision of the entire track, halfway up between turns 3 and 4 Tickets are face value $55 each. $220 for the set per night Please call Dave 918-938-2865
  5. Chili Bowl Tickets for Sale

    -- SOLD -- Thanks
  6. I have 4 Tickets for Wed night 11 Jan 17 in section DD between turns 3&4 These are very good seats Face vale $216 for the set I also have 4 tickets for Friday 13 Jan 17 same section Face Value $216 for the set Please call Dave 918-938-2865 Or Email Droptop442@sbcglobal.net Thanks
  7. Chili Bowl Tickets Friday

    2 Seats left $100 for the pair
  8. 4" tickets for Friday Night 15 Jan 16 Chili Bowl $200 for the set Excellent seat between turns 3&4 Call Dave 918-938-2865 Email droptop442@sbcglobal.net