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  1. 2005 factor 1 mx5

    Sorry, already purchased and on the track (when we can keep a motor running). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Je3JJvmdDvI&t=2s
  2. Factor1 with 05 injected Suzuki

    Can bring to Greenville, TX on Feb 19th. !
  3. Factor1 with 05 injected Suzuki

    New pic added.
  4. Early 2000's Factor 1 narrow body car. Race ready Coil-over front, panhard rear. Bladder 12 Square top wing '05 Suzuki w/injection Fast Car. SOLD 281 six one five 6106
  5. Please help this Texas Mini Sprint Racer in a contest for a weekend with Kyle Larson! Just click on either link below to vote for him (he did the video himself) and I think you can vote multiple times! Vote through Facebook (labeled Collin from Spring): https://www.facebook.com/ChipGanassiRacingTeams?v=app_486254294756872&rest=1 Vote through a web link: https://offerpop.com/FacebookContestEntry.psp?c=733286&u=1300901&a=486254294756872&p=276759938912&rest=0&offset=4&sortby=random&access_token=null&id=v53387&rest2=0 thank you and please share around the mini sprint community