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  1. VooDoo Jr Sprint for Sale 12/12/2016 5:27:00 PM This is the Green #5H VooDoo Jr.Sprint that Luke and Blake Howard raced at Sweetsprings Raceway. We believe these to be the fastest Jr Sprint cars built. This car was the Showme Showdown winner and fastest qualifier in 2014. It also won the season points Championship in 2015 and was again the fastest Showme qualifier in 2016. We have two strong Fairfield motors, an extra matching wing extra wheels and tires,spare,clutch 219 sprockets special battery charger, special axel nut socket and has a 13" Ultrashield seat. There are about 38 of these cars in the US Asking $8500 Please call Trevor 913-424-3225
  2. Two motors,two wings,special battery charger, wheel nut socket 219 gears & mychron included. Car has a 11" or 13" Ultrashield vs halo full containment padded seat. Purple powder coat with yellow body. Only approx. 35 of these made and only about 5-6 in Midwest area. These cars are easy to set up and we believe the VooDoo to be the optimal Jr. design. Sweet Springs 2015 Championship. Price $8500 call Trevor 913-484-7424 PRICE LOWERED + EXTRAS!2/16/2016 4:35:00 PM Price lowered to $8000, additional extras: a RR, LR and a front wheel and tire, Front and rear axels, two extra clutches, 4 air filters Strong Fairfield Motor mounted with the spare motor being a Baker motor with 6 races since new. Also have a 13" Ultrashield seat if a larger size is needed. 2015 Sweet Springs Championship won with a VooDoo chassis