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  1. Two motors,two wings,special battery charger, wheel nut socket 219 gears & mychron included. Car has a 11" or 13" Ultrashield vs halo full containment padded seat. Purple powder coat with yellow body. Only approx. 35 of these made and only about 5-6 in Midwest area. These cars are easy to set up and we believe the VooDoo to be the optimal Jr. design. Sweet Springs 2015 Championship. Price $8500 call Trevor 913-484-7424 PRICE LOWERED + EXTRAS!2/16/2016 4:35:00 PM Price lowered to $8000, additional extras: a RR, LR and a front wheel and tire, Front and rear axels, two extra clutches, 4 air filters Strong Fairfield Motor mounted with the spare motor being a Baker motor with 6 races since new. Also have a 13" Ultrashield seat if a larger size is needed. 2015 Sweet Springs Championship won with a VooDoo chassis