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  1. Selling a ready-to-race Micro Sprint in like-new condition. Trying to find the right home for it as I purchased it for my son who later decided to leave racing. Body is in perfect shape and has been kept clean and safe ever since it was put into storage. Engine is a powerful Honda 250 ESR. Comes with two spare cylinders, spare carbs, and extra sets of wheels and tires! Almost the entire car is built of ALL-NEW parts, including: - Bird cages and bearings (with spare set) - Bars, stops, arms, and heims - Brakes and pro shocks (with used spare set) - Body panels (with hardware) - ESR engine carb pipe (with spare) - Stainless buffers and nerfs (with spares) - Chain (with used spare) - Wing adjuster (with used spare) - Motor mount (with used spare) - Wings: two spare top and one spare front Carroll, OH (southern Columbus area). Any questions or offers please call me, Jim Cox, at 614-270-0591 or by email at coxracingandtool@yahoo.com.