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  1. Supershox midget program. $4000 for all. Can bring to i44 March 24th 8 knobs and cables. 90265 LF rebuilt 8-10-16 90258 LR single adj 5/5 rr non adj RR single adj no sheet Set 1. $1800 Set was updated with digressive piston assemblies and refreshed 11-23-16 90259 was repaired at cb. 90942 LF 11-23-16 90259 RF 1-17 90581 RR dbl adj 11-23-16 90260 LR sgl adj 11-23-16 Set2. $1800 Refreshed and dyno'd 4-27-16. Haven't been on car since then. 91527 LF 91592 RF 91526 RR dbl adj 91591 LR dbl adj Turfsprint55@yahoo.com
  2. Advanced Racing Shocks Midget 7" shaft $700 for all or will separate. Used Advanced Racing Shocks for Midget These are all used shocks from midget racing. 2 Gas adjustable, 5 Single adjustable, 4 Regular, All descriptions are in the photo. I would suggest that all the adj ones be sent in to be checked or repaired before you use them. I figure shipping will cost at least $50. Dowmotorsports@yahoo.com
  3. "Sold"Honda RR Engine Package

  4. Honda RR engine package headers and carbs not included. Only has the shootout, port and caney races on it. sawyer 626 motor mounts, carb wiring harness with 2 HRC boxes, 1 stock box. Carb adapters, clutch cable 4qt pan and pickup, Bottom end 2008 has new honda rods, bearings, rings and pistons stock head is 2010, both were fresh before shootout. Also 08 RR multi head and stock bore multi pistons. These are parts only not another engine. Also includes: 2-13 tooth sprockets 2-14 tooth sprickets 2-starters, carb wiring harness, 2 charging side covers with stator, 1 clutch side cover with timing trigger, blown up bottom end, water pump, disassembled ported head. $1600 or make offer Dowmotorsports@yahoo.com
  5. ISO of Mini sprint roller preferably

    Hmm don't think you will find wide body that cheap
  6. 2007 Sawyer 626 Excellent Condition!!!! High and low pressure regulators. Infinity Shock package 3 are adj. New outlaw A class wing, 6 races on new rear axle, fuel filters, rear bars, Mychron with fuel pressure, 02 sensor, water temp, RPM, 46-52 rear sprockets, 12-14 front sprockets, rear nut wrench, Spares include, Complete set of radius rods, bare rear axle, torsion bars, springs, shocks, Front axle assy with new style spindles, rr, LR and front wheels. Also have 2 multi top wings and slide motors, RR multi head & stock bore multi pistons. Race Ready with spares $8500 For everything. $7000 for roller A class car. $5500 for roller minus infin shocks, new wing, micron & seat. Contact 918-440-6095 Email Dowmotorsports@yahoo.com
  7. Complete midget race ready! Bullet Chassis, ecotec updgraded engine, Engler mechanical injection, 6 races on engine since new, radiator and air box ps h and fuel system. Race ready $10000 2nd engine is also available Dowmotorsports@yahoo.com