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turf tire

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Converting my car to run turf tire next year and looking for a little insight as to what brand and model of tire you guys reconmend? What size RR and LR do you use? Do you have several LR's to alter stagger if yes, what different sizers? What is the baseline rear tire pressures you start with? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Shawn


I run Ft Cobb (Duttons) which is a 1/5 mile track with a stock F-2 Honda with 15-44 gears in 2nd and hit the rev-limiter at the end of the straight away.

Tires front 20X8X8 at 6 psi

LR 18X9.50X8 3 to 5 psi depending on track condition

RR 20X12X10 4 to 7 psi depending on track condition

I run coil over shocks on all 4 corners

Hope this helps

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