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............"06" rolling Chassis "600"....$3,000.00

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I have a 2006 dominator chassis. It was raced in 06 and 1/2 of 07. This chassis might be an “06” But you must realize it has less than 30 race’s on it. The included photo’s are of the car as it is for sale. The car is spotless. You would be hard pressed to find a speck of dirt any where. The car as it sits has more brand new parts on it than used. The body panels are high polished aluminum that was anodized red. All radius rods, spindles, spindle arms, wing sliders and related bracketry are also red anodized.


All Included in the roller.


Chassis, its white. And clean

It is a coil over car!

(4) ARS shocks (1 is cockpit adjustable)

(4) coils 165, 150,125,110

Full front axle assembly

Full rear 52" splined axle assembly 1 3/4

All radius rods 3 front and 5 rear

Front and rear panhard bar rods with adjusters

Full steering with a stilleto rack, r/r and hyper spindles

Bickenll quick disconnect steering wheel hub

Master cylinder with both petals

Wilwood 4 piston caliper

2 remote wing adjusters and a rear panhard adjuster.

2 sets of wing bracketry

10x10 beadlock left rear (weld) with Hyper wheel center and tire, (hoosier)

10x13 beadlock right right rear (weld) with Hyper wheel center and tire (hoosier)

(2) 10x7 fronts (weld) with Hyper centers and tires. (hoosiers)

Nose wing (wing dynamics) Brand new red anodized side boards

Top wing (wing dynamics) I will ship wing but it needs to be dismantled

Side mount 5 gallon tank

Fiberglass Tail ....................... All body panels


Extra Stuff beyond just the roller


4 extra front axles (All New)

4 different syles of spindle arms for different Ackerman

2 extra rear splinded 52" axle 1 3/4

4 sets of right and left nerfs (chrome)

2 front and 1 rear bumper (chrome)

All radius rods I can find that fit this chassis are yours

Left front brake assembly (Hyper)

Wilwood proportion valve


Many more components for this chassis.




Dan,......1-585-392-8492 H.....1-585-576-9232 C.....1585-392-0049 O……. ………..dan@stepsnrails.com E-mail

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