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ECOtec engine sale!

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If anyone is thinking about getting into the sport, now is the time.....


Brady Morgan @ Metric Cycles has two brand new crate motors with Engler manual injection and ready to drop in..... he dropped the price on these two engines from 12,000 to 9,000. You can contact him directly or broker it though JET Motorsports.


Keith Iaia @ Revolution Racing Engines (RRE) has two engine packages less the motor (salvage engine around 750) to sell 15% off. This is the electronic injection system and with everything drop in should be right about 6800-7200. Contact keith or myself for more information.

JET Motorsports is the RRE local broker for Keith and will help you out in any way needed.


As the coordinator for the OMRA, I feel that both engines are equal in power and performance and with local contacts(myself and brady) for support, you can't go wrong.


Thank you,

Eric Fenton


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