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Horsepower question for engine builders ONLY please

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I don't want to know what your friend told you, or what your brothers cousins dog swears too. I want legit answers from engine builders with a dyno.


Any given stock engine .. max hp/torque using gasoline

The same stock engine .. max hp/torque using alky

The same stock engine .. max hp/torque if you tried E85


By stock I mean the engine must be exactly as it came out of the bike other than adjusting fuel flow to allow for fuel used whether its carbs or injection. Don't want results using bigger throttle bodies or carbs bigger than stock.


I've been in some "serious" debates as to the percentages of benefits and would also like to know if E85 has been tried.

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Well here we go again. Engine builders hear this question constantly and the truth is that it is not that simple. Fact #1: All things being equal there is no significant power difference between alcohol and gasoline on a stock engine. Fact #2: There is no significant difference between Fuel Injection and Carburetors on a stock engine. Fact #3: There is a huge difference between the various Dyno manufactures readings. This is the most important and most misunderstood fact. The most widely used dyno and most quoted dyno numbers are from DynoJet. The problem here is that the number you get is estimated crankshaft HP/TQ. DynoJets owners manual even tells you that they have calculated in 15% frictional loss through the drive train. So here are some DynoJet HP/TQ numbers for everyone to see. 03-09 silver/black r6 94-96 hp, 40-43 ft/lb ( gas carbs, alcohol carbs, gas injection, alcohol injection) 99-02 silver r6 93-96 hp, 40-43 ft/lb ( gas carbs, alcohol carbs) 06-11 black r6 97-100 hp, 40-43 ft/lb (alcohol carbs) 100-103hp, 42-44 ft/lb (gas injection)

07-09 600rr 95-97hp, 42-44 ft/lb (r6 alcohol carbs) 06-07 gsxr 600 98-100hp 40-43 ft/lb (gas injection) 95-97hp, 40-42 ft/lb (r6 alcohol carbs) 05-06 zx636 114-118hp, 43-47 ft/lb (r6 alcohol carbs) 115-118hp 43-47 ft/lb (alcohol injection). Before anyone jumps to any kind of conclusions, these were all stock motors straight from the bike, several different brands of headers and in the case of the 636 Hyper and Guhl injection. Now for the kicker, We have seen as much as a 6hp difference in stock motors depending on how they were broken in when purchased new and how well they were maintained before becoming available for our use. Just remember that most of these motors came from wrecked bikes, some worse than others, some multiple times. Either way it is a gamble

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