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I44 Riverside Speedway

I44 Riverside Speedway, SATURDAY 4/27 PR Cody Morris

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Cody Morris

I44 Riverside Speedway Public Relations


Saturday, April 28th - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma - One night following drenching thunderstorms, a relatively rare calm spring evening descended on central Oklahoma as I44 Riverside Speedway featured its’ third Saturday Night Special of the young 2013 campaign.


A rain out up the Turnpike swelled I44 Riverside ranks to over 90 entries for the fifth event of a season flush with 27 high octane outings. At nights’ end, two trophy’s traveled up the Turner Turnpike while two stayed home. The potential tiebreaker was bound for the turnpike as well, albeit the H.E. Bailey as it headed to the Lone Star State.


Chronological order is worth mentioning. The Non Wing stock 600cc main event took to the high banked 1/5th mile first, with Junior Sprints, Restricted 600’s, and Turf Tires following. The winged stock 600cc mini sprints (A Class) headlined as the fifth and final main event of a beautiful night of furious action atop a very fast and racy track surface treated with surgical precision by I44 Riverside Speedway promoter Mark Banister.




A Newcastle, Oklahoma native and former United Sprint Car Series champion (based in Georgia), Trey Robb paced the pole with Michael Kerns alongside for the 20 lap A Class main event. The initial start held concern as hometown favorite and stock 600 sweeper (A Class/Non Wing) Trey Marcham was turned around amidst the field, luckily avoiding contact with a dozen darting machines heading his way. The second start was correct, with Robb leading one lap before inside second row starter and El Reno, Oklahoma native Blake Dewberry dashed past to lead the second round.


In perhaps the fastest main event contested at I44 Riverside this season, the field rode lightning with no stoppages after the mishap on the opening try. With Dewberry in command and rocketing around lapped traffic, Robb could do little more than match maneuvers to keep the leader within sight while former track champ Jason Lair advanced from 8th to third as the exceptionally fast field settled into individual battles over the latter half of the 20 lapper.


No stoppages or mishaps would deny a supreme performance by El Reno’s Blake Dewberry aboard the All American Pizza, Blue Rhino Propane, Select Coating, and Factory Kahne sponsored no. 29d under special care from the Byrdman.


Robb held tight to runner up honors with Lair taking the show position. Defending A Class champion Jim Woods finished as he started in the 4 spot with Trey Marcham turning in a sensational performance following his misfortune on the initial start of the race that relegated the April 20th A Class winner to the tail of the 19 car field. Marcham sliced the field like a hot knife through butter, just without the butter as no yellow flags assisted in an unofficial hard charger performance. In 20 laps Marcham blasted from 19th to complete the top five finishing order.


Trey Robb, Bailey Felkins, Blake Dewberry, and Jim Woods took heat race wins over the 28 car field, with Teri Burk earning the first of 4 transfers via the 12 lap “A Class” B Feature.


“A Class” A Feature (20 laps): 1. 29d Blake Dewberry (3); 2. 12T Trey Robb (1); 3. 23L Jason Lair (8); 4. 83 Jim Woods (4); 5. 32 Trey Marcham (10); 6. 7g Greg Moore (7); 7. 39 Sterling Hoff (11); 8. 29 Blake Dacus (9); 9. 51B Bailey Felkins (13); 10. 20 Shawn Wick (16); 11. 1x Josh Toho (15); 12. 22 Teri Burk (17); 13. 8x Austin Shores (19); 14. 84 Dave Nicholson (14); 15. 11k Michael Kerns (2); 16. 27 David Millwee (20); 17. 76F Brandon Farmer (12); 18. 13 Brady Courtney (6); 19. 98 Derrick McBride (5); DNS: 898 Ryan Padgett

Lap Leaders: Trey Robb 1, Blake Dewberry 2-20

Hard Charger: Shawn Wick, Austin Shores +6


“A Class” B Feature (12 laps - top 4 transfer to A Feature): 1. 22 Teri Burk (3); 2. 898 Ryan Padgett (4); 3. 8x Austin Shores (7); 4. 27 David Millwee (2); 5. 17d Bryan Davidson (6); 6. 18 Mike Millwee (5); 7. 67 Joe Martin (1); DNS: 00 Grady Chandler, 60 Bryan Nebgen, 7D Sierra Davis, 79 Wes Little

Lap Leaders: 22 Teri Burke 1-12




Newcastle, Oklahoma’s Gage Robb paced the pole position of the 20 lap Non Wing main event with Cody Carter alongside. The 12 Gage jumped into the early lead with Sterling Hoff and older brother Trey Robb advancing up to challenge.


A native of Windthorst, Texas and a winner in winged stock 600 action (A Class) on April 13th, Hoff was hunting for such success without the wing, battling into the lead on the third circuit.


Hoff developed a very sizeable advantage throughout the mid stages with Trey Robb and Broken Arrow’s Jeffery Newell in tow. A Jimmy Smith caution bunched the field up, providing Newell an opportunity to move into the 2 spot. As Newell gained first challenger status, hometown favorite and coast-to-coast gasser (dirt midgets on west coast, NASCAR late models on east coast) Trey Marcham battled past Newell and in prime position to challenge the leader. A collision between Gage Robb and Derrick McBride negated either’s bid for a top ten and brought about the stoppage Marcham desired with two laps remaining.


The Texas was equal to the challenge, however, as Sterling Hoff fended off Marcham’s bid for a second Non Wing win en route to achieving his first wingless triumph aboard the Cecil Machine Shop, Cothran Trucking, and Pioneer Wildlife Studios no. 39.


Marcham accepted runner up honors with Trey Robb besting Hard Charger Jeffrey Newell in a spirited, late battle for the show position. Bethany’s Greg Moore completed the top five finishing order, effectively placing the veteran in the Non Wing points lead with Marcham going coastal most of the year.


Ryan Padgett, Jimmy Smith, Jeffrey Newell, and Chris Cochran earned heat race wins over the 28 car field, with Tulsa’s Cody Cordell taking the lead transfer in the night’s only 12 lap Non Wing B Feature.


“Non Wing” A Feature (20 laps): 1. 39 Sterling Hoff (3); 2. 32 Trey Marcham (11); 3. 12T Trey Robb (4); 4. 1 Jeffrey Newell (15); 5. 7g Greg Moore (10); 6. 34 Joey Baker (14); 7. 2 Jimmy Smith (12); 8. 02 Bobby Henning (6); 9. 50 Shelby Burk (19); 10. 51B Bailey Felkins (16); 11. 2x Ronnie James (20); 12. 12 Gage Robb (1); 13. 98 Derrick McBride (9); 14. 20R Kyle Harris (13); 15. 898 Ryan Padgett (8); 16. 58 Philip Fessler (5); 17. 20 Shawn Wick (18); 18. 5c Cody Cordell (17); 19. 69c Cody Carter (2); 20. 7c Chris Cochran

Lap Leaders: Trey Robb 1-2, Sterling Hoff 3-20

Hard Charger: Jeffrey Newell +11


“Non Wing” B Feature (12 laps - top 4 advance to A Feature): 1. 5c Cody Cordell (9); 2. 20 Shawn Wick (10); 3. 50 Shelby Burk (2); 4. 2x Ronnie James (11); 5. 50B Brad Beers (1); 6. 8x Austin Shores (3); 7. 1m Mike Gregory (7); 8. 21 Trey Hobbs (12); 9. 17d Brittney Davidson ( 4); 10. 38 Madison McGill (5); 11. 1x Josh Toho (8); DNS: 76F Brandon Farmer

Lap Leaders: Brad Beers 1-3, Shelby Burk 4-8, Cody Cordell 9-12




Rain in the 918 had a clear impact on the Restricted division, boosting the field to 17 entries despite the absence of several local competitors. Anadarko’s Ryan Anderson paced the pole of the 20 lap Restricted finale with Newcastle’s Layden Pearson alongside.


Chaos reigned on the initial start, as a wobble up front ignited a chain reaction that sent Montana Garrison upside down and Tyler Alexander hard into the turn one wall. The melee sent four young pilots to early exits without even making half a lap.


The second start to the Restricted main event was clear, with Pearson settling into an early lead over Logan Davis and Nathan Weida. A 15 year old native of Owasso, Weida wasted little time in advancing from deep in the field (14th) and challenging the leader in the opening laps.


The 7th lap was cruel to the potential podium. A lapped car spun right in front of Pearson, sending the leader into a spin and stop, with third place Logan Davis also sliding into a stop to avoid a worse outcome. The yellow fell and both were forced to the tail, handing the lead over to Weida with defending I44 Riverside Restricted champ Tanner Conn and Steven Smith in immediate pursuit.


The restart betrayed ominous sounds from Conn’s slowing mount as he yielded second and pulled into the infield. The halfway point had Tulsa’s two time Port City Champion Taylor Reimer advancing on Weida with fellow Tulsa area native Jase Randolph in tow.


Lapped traffic came into play with 5 to go, providing the setting for the best race for the win of the entire night. Weida paced about 4 car lengths ahead of Reimer until losing just enough momentum in lapped traffic to allow Reimer to close to the leader’s tail tank.


The contest for the lead steadily grew hotter until Reimer packed the heat, sending her blue no. 25 underneath Weida with four laps remaining. The two ran side by side in each corner for the following 13 turns (just over 3 laps), with Reimer leading the 17th round by mere inches.


Weida found just enough momentum above Reimer to pull a few feet ahead on the final lap, ultimately taking Hard Charger honors with the RPM Powersports no. 98 to victory lane with Reimer settling for the most honorable runner up showing of the night.


Jase Randolph advanced a half dozen spots to claim the show position with Taylor Garrison and Steven Smith completing the top five finishing order.


Logan Davis, Taylor Reimer, and Taylor Garrison races to Restricted heat race wins over the 17 car field.


“Restricted” A Feature (20 laps): 1. 98 Nathan Weida (14); 2. 25 Taylor Reimer (11); 3. 15 Jase Randolph (9); 4. 65 Taylor Garrison (5); 5. 3s Steven Smith (6); 6. 14D Logan Davis (7); 7. 11 Layden Pearson (2); 8. 00R Ryan Anderson (1); 9. 7k Blake Kirkes (15); 10. 88k Kelsey Gray (16); 11. 3k Kurt Ender (12); 12. 78 Tanner Conn (8); 13. 65g Montana Garrison (10); 14. 00$ Nathan Burkett (7); 15. 11x Tyler Alexander (4); 16. 95 Quinton Standlee (13); DNS: Kaylee Cole

Lap Leaders: Layden Pearson 1-6, Taylor Reimer 18, Nathan Weida 7-17, 19-20

Hard Charger: Nathan Weida +13




Yukon, Oklahoma’s Bobby Chapa pace the pole of the 15 lap Turf Tire main event with Jeff Rury alongside. Chapa dropped a quick dime, dashing out to an early lead.


Provided opportunity to stop the three race winning streak of Fletcher’s Mike Daft, who quickly moved from outside third row to the runner up spot, Chapa had checked out. A caution was the only hope to even out the odds on/for the Turfs.


That caution never came, with Chapa turning in an overwhelming effort into his first victory of the season aboard the Mike Robertson, CTT Supply, and South Pointe Advertising sponsored no. 30.


Daft’s winning streak ended at three, however the Fletcher veteran accepted Hard Charger honors along with a runner up finish with El Reno’s defending Turf Tire champ Jeremy Penick moving up a couple of spots to claim the show position.


Tony Penick moved up three to claim fourth with Oklahoma City’s Willie Vickman completing the top five finishing order


“Turf Tire” A Feature (15 laps): 1. 30 Bobby Chapa (1); 2. 21x Mike Daft (6); 3. 28 Jeremy Penick (5); 4. 88 Tony Penick (7); 5. 75 Willie Vickman (4); 6. 22 Marcus Flaming (8); 7. 21 Josh Bigger (3); 8. 2c Casey Andrews; 9. 96 Jeff Rury (2)

Lap Leaders: Bobby Chapa 1-15

Hard Charger: Mike Daft +4




While exact origins remain a mystery to at least one writer, Tulsa area ace Kale Drake arrived back at I44 Riverside Speedway for the first time since a victory four weeks ago in the 12th Annual Ryan Craighead Memorial prelim. Brent Woods paced alongside to initiate the 20 lap Junior Sprint main event.


Ryder Laplante spun to a stop on the initial start, with Brady Hilton making hard contact and bringing out a red flag for realignment. The second start was improved, with Drake gaining the early lead with Collinsville, Oklahoma’s Blake Battles doing just that from the fourth row to 2nd within one lap.


Battles fought by to lead the fourth round and checked out on the rest of the field. A straightaway’s advantage for the leader over Drake and Jacob Long was negated with 7 to go as Laplante slowed to bring about the second yellow.


Bunching the field up once more was inconsequential, however, as Battles was all business in sending the Factor One Racing, Shock Doc, Lightning Wings, WhyNot Trucking, Keizer Wheels, and KBR Racing Engines sponsored no. 14 to I44 Riverside victory lane.


Drake held on to second with Jacob Long advancing two spots to claim the show position.


Defending I44 Riverside Junior Sprint champ and Choctaw native Nathan Rainey saw an end to his three race win streak, claming fourth at the finish line with Dylan Pendergrass completing the top five finishing order.


“Junior Sprints” A Feature (20 laps): 1. 14 Blake Battles (8); 2. 77 Kale Drake (1); 3. 007 Jacob Long (5); 4. 99R Nathan Rainey (7); 5. 22 Dylan Pendergrass (4); 6. 15J Joey Gray (9); 7. 16 Brent Woods (2); 8. 72c Kayden Cole (11); 9. 88R Ryder LaPlante (3); 10. 72 Chris Wells (6); 11. 46 Brady Hilton (10)

Lap Leaders: Kale Drake 1-3, Blake Battles 4-20

Hard Charger: Blake Battles +7




A quick look at the numbers. Five weekly mini sprint divisions, five events in the books, 18 pilots have earned victories on I44 Riverside clay. Five of those 18 have raced to multiple victories. Here’s a look at triumph:


A Class - Trey Marcham 2, Sterling Hoff 1, Chris Andrews 1, Blake Dewberry 1

Non Wing - Steven Shebester 1, Chris Cochran 1, Dalton Terrel 1, Trey Marcham 1, Sterling Hoff 1

Restricted - Lyndon Harvey 2, Tristan Oakes 1, Tanner Conn 1, Nathan Weida 1

Turf Tire - Mike Daft 3, Marcus Flaming 1, Bobby Chapa 1

Junior Sprints - Nathan Rainey 3, Kale Drake 1, Blake Battles 1


I44 Riverside Car Count in the first five events, as well as official finishing time:

April 5th -119 - 1215am

April 6th -112 - 1040pm

April 13th -80 - 1015 pm

April 20th - 98 - 1230am

April 27th - 93 - 1035pm


I44 Riverside Speedway resumes the 2013 campaign next Saturday, May 4th with event number 6 on the season slate featuring all five classes. Gates open at 4pm, hot laps at 6pm, and green flag racing at 7pm.


I44 Riverside implores local racers and fans to support their local dirt track next week as we strive to showcase premier open wheel racing to the greater Oklahoma City area and hit the 100 count we have flirted with the past two weeks.


Friday, May 11th we will launch the third serving of our red hot Midget class featuring a guaranteed $750 to win/150 to start. After a delightfully dicey opener, attendance doubled the next time the Midgets hit the track, with visits from three of the top 4 drivers in last year’s POWRi National Midget Series, including reigning champ Andrew Felker.


For more information - Like and Follow us on Facebook at I44 Riverside Speedway, visit www.i44riversidespeedway.com, or contact I44 Riverside Speedway promoter Mark Banister at 405.633.1583 or I44 Riverside Public Relations Cody Morris at 405.295.1422.


I44 Riverside Speedway is a proud partner of the Oklahoma No Fender Network. Like and Follow the Oklahoma No Fender Network on Facebook to get live race day updates of all open wheel events throughout the region.

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