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Suzuki 600 GSXR Inj problems

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I bought a stock 2008 GSX-R600 out of a bike and I have a question,

I tested the car today and I couldn't get it to run clean over 1/2 throttle. It had no response and I had to baby the throttle to get it up to speed. If I stepped on the gas, it would just "Blubber" all over itself.

It is stock injected on gas. I tried everything from 25psi - 65psi for fuel pressure and the higher pressure I ran, the worse it got. Is there some sensors that I am running that I shouldn't be or some sensors I need to? Very frustrating. I have a Kinser airbox, Walbro pump with a 125 filter before the pump and a 25 filter after the pump.

Any help would be appreciated.

dsnapr at hotmail

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